Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rejection woes? Don't worry, this will solve them!

Feeling lonely? Scores of guys have trouble picking up and attracting the opposite sex. The problem is the vast majority of us, myself included, weren’t gifted with the charm powers to be able to get girls without much effort required. I was finally fed up with my situation and I adventured out on a journey that began roughly ten years ago and from it I discovered exactly what worked with the ladies, and more importantly, what didn’t! So now here I am, and I'm going to hand out to you my top three helpful hints and tricks that you can use RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT to start getting women to be attracted to you and will get you right on your way to learning how to get girls!

Don't be Afraid of Getting Rejected - Most guys have a paralyzing fear of rejection. It happens like this. A man spots a beautiful woman, and a few times out of ten, he may cheer himself into initiating contact with her. Between this moment and the next, the man starts doubting himself. “She's too busy for me”, “She's probably taken”, or “She's too good for me” when in reality this is just people validating their own fear of being rejected. When people are paying me hundreds to give them personal one-on-one help, I will tell them to go out and get rejected on purpose!

Most womenwill end up saying 'no' by saying “I already have a boyfriend” or something just as mild, so don’t be afraid of being laughed at. Go to a town a couple miles away to where you know no one and no one knows you. That way, you can ask women out without the feeling of rejection or worry because, you’ll never see these people again. Michael Jordan once said, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take any. If you are having a problem with getting girls, don't use this as an excuse.

Be Confident - Women, when asked, say the most desirable and sexy trait that a man can have is to be confident. Act as if you manage the world, like you are the most wanted man on the face of this earth and you'll get practically whatever you want, whenever you want.

Confidence! If you want to discover how to get girls, this is the most important thing you need to master!

Be A Challenge - Girls are infatuated by  challenges. This is typically why chicks date “jerks”. This isn’t because jerks are more attractive than nice guys; they're more of a challenge. If you know how to be a challenge, you don’t need to be a jerk to get girls to fall for you. Jokingly point out something, “those are nice shoes, my 5 year old niece has a pair” and just smile. Any woman, everywhere, gets compliments thrown at her nonstop by guys that want her. Change it up; challenge her.

If you really want to get girls, you need to demonstrate that you are the prize and you're the one to be won over.  Don't be afraid to flirt sexually and most importantly be a challenge!